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Smilodon, Dire Wolf and Mastodon in Tar Pit

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Smilodon, Dire Wolf and Mastodon in Tar Pit

The scene is set in an ancient prehistoric landscape, bathed in the soft light of sunset. A huge mastodon, with its wiry fur and imposing fangs, finds itself trapped in a pit of thick, sticky tar. His attempts to free himself only succeeded in plunging him deeper into the dark viscous liquid, which clings to his fur and makes it difficult for him to move.

Above the mastodon, a Smilodon populator, known as the saber-tooth tiger, has spotted its vulnerable prey. With its muscular body and sharp claws, the Smilodon slithers stealthily above the trapped mastodon. Protruding from its powerful jaw, its long, curved fangs flash menacingly as it prepares to attack.

Meanwhile, in the surrounding area, two dire wolves wait impatiently. His bristly fur and bright eyes reflect his craving for food. Dire wolves, also known as direwolves, are large and ferociously intelligent creatures. Their size and agility allow them to shift deftly, ready to seize the opportunity for a feast.

The atmosphere is charged with tension and danger. The air vibrates with the snarls of the trapped mastodon, the menacing hiss of the Smilodon populator, and the eager howls of dire wolves. The tar pit adds an extra dimension of despair, as the mastodon struggles to keep its head above the sticky tar.

Approximate measurements of the Smilodon:

  • 1:72 scale - 32mm long
  • 1:35 scale - 65mm long
  • Complete base