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Smok wawelski / Lisowicia bojani

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Smok wawelski / Lisowicia bojani
Scene of fight for the survival of these two magnificent creatures from the Triassic.

Smok wawelski is an extinct genus of large carnivorous archosaur. He lived during the late Triassic period. His remains have been found in Lisowice, southern Poland. The only species is Smok wawelski and was named in 2012. It is larger than any other predatory archosaur known from the Late Triassic or Early Jurassic of central Europe. Smok's relationship to other archosaurs has not yet been studied in depth; It may be a rauisuchid, a prestosuchid, an ornithosuchid pseudosuchian or a theropod dinosaur.

Lisowicia bojani is a fascinating and extinct genus of synapsid reptile that lived during the Late Triassic period, approximately 210 million years ago. What makes Lisowicia bojani particularly interesting is its astonishing size and its importance in the history of paleontology.

This Triassic giant resembles a synapsid reptile known as a dicynodont, although it reached much larger proportions. In fact, Lisowicia bojani is considered one of the largest land reptiles of its time, rivaling in size with some of the dinosaurs of its time. It is estimated that its body length reached 4.5 meters and its weight was around 9 tons, which is impressive for a Triassic reptile.

The most striking feature of Lisowicia bojani is its skull, which was large and robust. This skull housed a series of teeth adapted to chewing plants, suggesting that it fed mainly on vegetation. This dietary adaptation is a significant finding, as this large herbivorous animal preceded the giant herbivorous dinosaurs in evolutionary history.

Approximate measurements of the Smok:

  • Complete 1:50 Scale
    • Length 96mm
    • Height 31mm
    • Snout-tail length 103 mm
  • Complete 1:35 Scale
    • Length 160mm
    • Height 51mm
    • Snout-tail length 172mm