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Spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus "Spinal Lizard") lived in what is now North Africa during the Albian and Cenomanian of the Early Cretaceous period approximately 112 to 93 million years ago.
One of the largest predators, with semi-aquatic habits and a fundamentally piscivorous diet.
Its nostrils were higher up on its snout than the nostrils in other dinosaurs, this would have allowed the animal to breathe even with most of its snout submerged, and its conical teeth were ideal for catching fish.
It could reach 17 meters in length and had many adaptations for a semi-aquatic lifestyle, its most characteristic feature being the sail or dorsal fin that could reach 2 meters and could have served as a thermal regulator.
Like behavior, no one knows how these creatures reproduced but we can assume that they were similar to modern crocodiles; they probably returned to land to lay eggs and may even have protected their nests.
According to recent data, juveniles retain the same locomotor adaptations as adults throughout their useful life, such as traversing soft substrates or rowing, which would make them small functional clones of their adult version.
Spinosaurus' habitat was mainly the river and delta systems of the North African region in what is now Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia and it is also known to have shared its habitat with other dinosaurs such as Carcharodontosaurus and Ouranosaurus, as well as various types of aquatic reptiles and fish. The region's climate at the time was hot and humid, with large rivers flowing into the North African inland sea.
The Model pose represents a specimen of Spinosaurus watching over its young on the edge of the Swamp.

Approximate measurements of the Spinosaurus:

Scale 1:60 - 228 x 84 x 69 mm H
Scale 1:35 - 384 x 141 x 116 mm H