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Styracosaurus albertensis

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Styracosaurus albertensis

Styracosaurus albertensis was a herbivorous dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 75 to 72 million years ago. It belongs to the group of dinosaurs known as ceratopsids, which were characterized by their impressive horns and crests on their heads.

The name "Styracosaurus" comes from the Greek meaning "spiny lizard" or "spiked lizard", referring to the distinctive features on its head. This specific species, Styracosaurus albertensis, was discovered in the province of Alberta, Canada, from which its species name comes.

This dinosaur reached considerable sizes, measuring around 5.5 to 6 meters in length and weighing around 2 to 3 tons. Its most striking aspect was its impressive head adorned with various thorns and horns. It had a large horn on its snout, similar to that of Triceratops, and other smaller horns projecting from its ruff, or collar, which was a broad, ornate structure that extended from the back of its head.

The horns and ruff of Styracosaurus albertensis likely had a role in species recognition and mating rituals, as well as defense against predators, although their use in social display and thermoregulation has also been speculated.

Its limbs were robust and allowed it to move on both two and four legs, although it was probably primarily quadrupedal. As a herbivore, it fed mainly on low plants, ferns, and conifers.

The Styracosaurus is a well-known dinosaur thanks to the many fossils found in North America. Its distinctive appearance has made it a favorite among dinosaur enthusiasts and it has been depicted in books, movies, and other forms of entertainment, thus contributing to its popularity and recognition in popular culture.

Approximate measurements of the Styracosaurus:

Scale 1:35 - 155 mm long (Styracosaurus in two pieces)