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Tarbosaurus bataar / Deinocheirus mirificus

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Tarbosaurus bataar / Deinocheirus mirificus
Imagine an epic scene in the Cretaceous period, in what is now Mongolia, where two formidable dinosaurs meet in a breathtaking showdown. In a corner of the stage, we have the imposing Tarbosaurus, with its colossal size and terrifying appearance. This giant predator stands on its hind legs, its tiny arms flailing uselessly in the air as its fierce gaze focuses on its prey.

In the other corner is the Deinocheirus, a large ornithomimid dinosaur with a long neck and a relatively tall body. Its long, thin legs appear designed for speed, although its size and build suggest it may also have been a herbivore.

The Cretaceous, witness to this fierce battle, remains a reminder of the brutality and majesty of prehistoric life on Earth, where predators and prey faced each other in a constant struggle for survival.

Approximate measurements of the Tarbosaurus:
  • Scale 1:35 - 205 mm