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Tethyshadros insularis

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Tethyshadros insularis

Tethyshadros insularis is a species of hadrosaurid dinosaur that inhabited what is now Italy during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 70 million years ago. It is known to be a dinosaur discovered on the island of Crete, which makes it an interesting case of insular speciation.

Although the fossils found are fragmentary, it has been possible to reconstruct a general description of Tethyshadros insularis based on the remains found. It is believed to have been a medium-sized dinosaur, with an estimated length of around 6 to 7 meters.

As a member of the hadrosaurid family, Tethyshadros insularis possessed a distinctive feature: a hollow crest on top of the skull. This crest, although incomplete in the fossils found, would have been used for communication and display between individuals of the same species.

Hadrosaurids, also known as "duck-billed" dinosaurs, were herbivorous, characterized by specialized teeth for chewing on plants. Although the teeth of Tethyshadros insularis have not been found, it is assumed that it had dentition similar to other members of its group.

Regarding its physical appearance, Tethyshadros insularis would have had a bulky body with robust legs, adapted to move both on land and in water. It probably walked in a quadrupedal position, supporting itself on its hind and front legs.

Approximate measurements of the Tethyshadros:

1:35 scale - 160 mm long