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Snapping turtle

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Snapping turtle
Chelydra serpentina, commonly known as the snapping turtle or softshell turtle, is a species of freshwater turtle native to North America. This species is characterized by several distinctive characteristics that make it easily recognizable.

First of all, the name "snapping turtle" comes from its aggressive behavior and strong jaw. Chelydra serpentina is known for its ability to bite forcefully when it feels threatened or cornered, making it one of the most defensively formidable turtles. Their sharp, serrated jaws are capable of inflicting painful wounds on any potential predator.

The shell of Chelydra serpentina is another distinctive feature. Unlike other turtles, its shell is quite flat and flexible, rather than hard and raised. This allows it to better adapt to its aquatic lifestyle, as it can move relatively easily in water and mud.

Regarding its distribution, Chelydra serpentina is found in a wide variety of freshwater habitats, such as ponds, lakes, streams and swamps in North America, from Canada to Mexico. They are agile swimmers and can spend long periods of time underwater, often stalking their prey, which can include fish, amphibians, insects, and other aquatic organisms.

Its general appearance is dark brown to black, with a long, serpentine neck, which also contributes to its common name. In addition, they have a long and sharp tail.

Chelydra serpentina is a carnivorous species and its feeding behavior is opportunistic, meaning that it will feed on a variety of prey available in its environment.

Approximate measurements of the Snapping Turtle:
  • Scale 1:6 - 86mm (Complete)
  • Scale 1:1 - 500 mm (Assembly kit)