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Tylosaurus / Archelon

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Tylosaurus / Archelon

The sun was filtering through the crystal clear ocean waters, illuminating the colorful coral bed. The Tylosaurus, a giant marine reptile that reached 12 meters in length, plowed through the waters with its serpentine body. His scaly skin gleamed silver in the sunlight as he glided gracefully.

Accompanying the Tylosaurus, two huge Archelon, prehistoric sea turtles, swam alongside it. These sea creatures, which could measure up to 4 meters in length, were imposing with their shield-like shells providing protection as they moved gracefully through the water.

The three sea giants explored the coral bed, their bodies moving with amazing coordination. The Tylosaurus used its keen vision to search for potential prey, while the Archelon fed on the algae and small invertebrates they found in the coral.

Approximate measurements of the Tylosaurus:

  • Scale 1:60 - 163 x 84 x 49 mm H
  • Scale 1:35 - 278 x 144 x 84 H