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Tylosaurus / Pteranodon

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Tylosaurus / Pteranodon

Three Pteranodon, majestic flying creatures of the Mesozoic, perched on the beach with their wings outstretched and their sharp beaks ready for action. The huge prehistoric reptiles had spotted a Tylosaurus, a ferocious marine reptile, washed up on the beach, and were rushing in with their wings folded to seize the opportunity.

One of the Pteranodons perched just above the Tylosaurus, with its long neck bent downwards and its sharp beak pointing directly at one of the Tylosaurus' eyes, the other two Pteranodons were rapidly approaching the Tylosaurus carcass from both sides.

The setting was wild and primitive, with the three Pteranodons circling the dead Tylosaurus on the beach. Their eyes gleamed with insatiable hunger as they prepared to feed. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, illuminating the Pteranodon's wings with a golden glow, highlighting the dramatic scene that was unfolding.

The scene was a testament to the wild nature of life in the prehistoric past. The Pteranodon, flying giants from the Cretaceous, demonstrated their ability to hunt and take advantage of the resources available for their survival, while the Tylosaurus, a ferocious marine predator, lay dead on the beach, being the object of its feast. It was a fascinating and evocative scene, transporting viewers back to a remote time in Earth's history.

Approximate measurements of the Tylosaurus:

Scale 1:72 - 170 x 66 x 18 mm H (Complete)
Scale 1:35 - 348 x 134 x 36 mm H (Assembly Kit)
The scene consists of Tylosaurus and three Pteranodons