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Tylosaurus / Pteranodon

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Tylosaurus / Pteranodon

Amazing prehistoric encounter captured in a stunning diorama! In this captivating image, we can witness the incredible moment when a Tylosaurus, the marine giant of the age of the dinosaurs, emerges from the water with its mouth wide open to catch a majestic Pteranodon that soared nonchalantly on the surface.

The precision and detail of the resin replica is simply impressive. Every detail of the Tylosaurius and every texture of the Pteranodon have been meticulously sculpted, capturing the essence and beauty of these prehistoric creatures. But what really makes this piece a unique gem is the artistic skill employed in its painting.

The realistic and vivid tones used in the painting make the colors of these creatures come to life. Shimmering reflections in the water add a sense of movement and action, further immersing us in this prehistoric hunting scene. It's like we're there, witnessing this epic moment firsthand.

This unique piece is a testament to the talent and dedication of the various artists who created it, as well as a tribute to the wonderful diversity of prehistoric life on our planet. Each carefully crafted detail transports us to a world lost millions of years ago, where colossal creatures ruled the seas and skies.

You cannot miss the opportunity to have this masterpiece in your collection and take with you a piece of the history of our planet!

Approximate measurements mounted scene:

1:60 scale - 145mm long