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Tylosaurus vs Pteranodon

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Tylosaurus vs Pteranodon

The sun was shining overhead, illuminating the vast prehistoric ocean. The water was calm, barely rippled by a gentle breeze. A group of Pteranodon, majestic flying creatures, were foraging for food on the surface of the water in the ocean.

Suddenly, a dark shadow moved below the surface of the water. It was a Tylosaurus, a giant marine reptile related to mosasaurs, that had been lurking in the deep. With incredible speed, the Tylosaurus emerged from the water in an astonishing leap. Its massive body rose above the surface, revealing its head full of sharp teeth ready to catch its prey.

The Pteranodon, surprised by the sudden attack, flapped its wings frantically trying to evade the predator. But the Tylosaurus was an accomplished hunter and was determined to catch its prey. In a graceful, coordinated move, the marine reptile caught the Pteranodon in its powerful jaw mid-flight. The two animals crashed into the water with a deafening splash and the Tylosaurus carried it to the bottom of the ocean, where it would devour it with its sharp teeth.

The hunting scene had been fast and fierce, a testament to the power and skill of the ancient marine reptiles. The ocean returned to its calm, as if nothing had happened, leaving only traces of foam and the echo of relentless nature in action.

Approximate measurements of the Tylosaurus:

  • Scale 1:60 - 76 x 53 x 144 mm Height. Base: 80 mm long
  • Scale 1:35 - 130 x 90 x 246 mm Height. Base: 136 mm long

The sheet of water and splashes are offered in highly transparent resin