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Tyrannosaurus Rex / Archelon

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Tyrannosaurus Rex / Archelon

The Tyrannosaurus rex has caught the Archelon in its powerful jaws, holding it tight to prevent it from escaping. The marine reptile desperately struggles to free itself, but its resistance is useless against the strength and ferocity of the land predator.

The T. rex is in a voracious feeding moment, its mouth wide open as it tears off large chunks of meat and shell from the Archelon. The sound of crunching bones mixes with the guttural roar of the Tyrannosaurus rex, creating an atmosphere full of tension and brutality.

As the Tyrannosaurus rex feeds, its imposing figure stands out against the horizon, reminding us of its role as one of the greatest predators to have existed in Earth's history. The static scene offers us a snapshot captured in time, showing us the power and ferocity of these ancient reptiles in their fight for survival.

Approximate measurements of the Tyrannosaurus rex:

  • 1:72 scale - 90mm long
  • 1:35 scale - 182 mm long