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Yutyrannus huali

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Yutyrannus huali
Yutyrannus huali is an extinct species of theropod dinosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous period, approximately 125 million years ago. The name "Yutyrannus" means "feathered tyrant" and refers to its relationship with tyrannosaurs, while "huali" translates to "beautiful" in Chinese, referring to the beauty of the fossils found.

Yutyrannus huali is especially notable because it is one of the largest known dinosaurs to have been discovered with evidence of feathers. Fossils found in northeast China's Liaoning province show feather impressions preserved in the surrounding rock and on the dinosaur's own skeleton.

Yutyrannus huali is estimated to have been around 9 meters in length and weighed around 1.4 tons. Although smaller than its famous relative, the Tyrannosaurus rex, Yutyrannus was still a formidable predator. It had a large, stout head with sharp, curved teeth, adapted for tearing through the flesh of its prey.

Feathers that have been found in Yutyrannus fossils indicate that it had primitive fur made up of filamentous primitive feathers, similar to modern bird feathers. These feathers may have helped Yutyrannus regulate its body temperature or attract mates during mating season.

The discovery of Yutyrannus huali has been very important for our understanding of the evolution of feathers and the appearance of feathered dinosaurs. He has also challenged the earlier idea that only small dinosaurs had feathers and has shown that even large, meat-eating dinosaurs like Yutyrannus were capable of developing this feature.

Approximate measurements of the Yutyrannus:
  • Scale 1:35 - 245mm
  • Yutyrannus in two pieces, Body and Tail